About Us

Kavi College of Education is run by Subbaiah Chettiyar Charitable and Educational Trust

College code: 11920

The Subbaiah Chettiyar Charitable & Educational Trust is serving the poor rural students through education . It is a well established teacher Education institution located in rural region with an excellent track record of performance and service to the community, especially the disadvantaged and suppressed sections of society for the past five years.

The institution works for training its students from under privileged sections of society into well-trained, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired, culturally rooted and empowered teachers.

 Kavi College of Education in kottaour


To provide and develop competent, innovative and farsighted teachers who can meet the requirements of competitive world and contribute to academic excellence.

To provide value – based curriculum and dynamic academic environment for strengthening faith in humanistic, social and moral values as well as in Indian cultural heritage and democracy


  • Imparting and creating new knowledge
  • Building and teaching competencies in prospective teachers
  • Developing skills for information processing and lifelong learning
  • Fostering creativity and critical thinking
  • Initiating and experimenting innovations in teacher education

Lifetime access

  • Woman Development
  • Village Service Programmes
  • Health Education
  • Non Formal Education for the Rural Illiterates
  • Skill Training for Rural Youth